Take flight a few times with us in this intense and fun power class. With plenty of postures and transitions to make you sweat, laugh and get your feet off the ground.

With Chris Dunphy

Grab the nearest chair and join Chris and Karen for a multi level class.

With Alissa Martin

Yoga for Beginners Part 6 prepares you for Sun Salutations and offers variations. We’ll put together the half Sun Salutation and the Downward Dog sequence to create a full Sun Salutation.

Samatha meditation (pronounced shamata) is the meditation of tranquility, when attention coalesces on a locus of experience. Here, the action of meditating is turning energy away from our usual paths of interest and bring it gently back to centre.

An all levels hatha yoga class designed to stretch out the body after a long hike, run, or bike ride.

With Karen Andersen

This class we work from lying on our back and sides to mobilize our hips, spine and shoulders.

Join Nicole for a dynamic class combing calisthenics with yoga postures to raise your heart-rate and strengthen your entire body. This one’s a doozy!

With Chris Dunphy

Open your joints, your mind and heart with this supported yin experience.

With Karen Andersen

In this dynamic class we build to a lunar themed flow; opening to an intuitive, rhythmic and expansive progression of postures.

Prepare to move, to breathe deeply, and to develop flexibility and strength as you expand the borders of flow.

With Karen Andersen

Bring your attention to the breath and body with vivid expressions of foundational yoga poses, fine tuned alignment and feel-good stretches.

In this class we will build towards this grounding and expansive pose, work with adaptations and it's full expression, then settle into some finishing stretches.

Short on time? You can still get in a good dynamic stretch and strengthening practice in with Flow’n Go.

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