Chair and Interpretive Yoga

    • Class Type: Gentle
    • Length: 20 minutes
    • Focus: Stretching, Strengthening, Mobility, Relaxation, Injury Recovery
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Is that 1 class or 2? We all try to use our time as productively as possible, Karen and I are no different. So why not have 2 classes in 1!! Could be a great way to involve someone in your life who would benefit more from a chair yoga practice rather than a mat practice, perhaps that’s you :)

Join us for this multi-level practice. This is truly suitable for all. Props (including a chair) would be helpful but not necessary. And if you watch right through the final credits you’ll see that things don’t always go as smoothly for Karen and I during the recording of these videos….but we sure have a lot of fun screwing up :)

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