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Kushala offers yoga and wellness workshops, and community events lead by our own instructors and special guests. Stay up to date with our latest events by subscribing to our newsletter.

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Starts Friday November 15th

Beyond Down Dog

From November 15th – December 1st, join us for a series of workshops to inspire your practice, and pique your curiosity of what lies beyond the posture practice. Meditation, yogic breathing, mantra, Somatics, philosophy, and more. Included in your yoga membership.

Wednesday November 20th

Practical Pranayama – Part 1

With Karen Andersen and Chris Dunphy

Yoga views our being-ness from several perspectives. One is the physical, but there is also the subtler, subjective qualities of being alive. This experience is described and enhanced by the map of the subtle body, and its tools of practice. Learn the foundations of the subtle body, and basic tools to deepen your yoga practice.

Friday November 22nd

Unwreck Your Neck

With Heather Dawson

Do you suffer from a stiff neck and upper back? In this workshop, you will learn to care for your neck and upper back by building a repertoire of strengthening and stretching exercises. We will also use massage balls to release deep-held tension. Hold you head up high! Reduce the risk of injury, and improve your range of motion.

Saturday November 23rd

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

With Karen Andersen

A regular mindfulness meditation practice is transformative: it brings steadiness and clarity of mind, deepening a sense of compassion and connection to oneself, to relationships, and to the world. In this workshop you will learn and practice the basic techniques and principles of mindfulness meditation to help set the stage for a regular meditation practice.

Saturday November 23rd

Saturday Night Dance Party!

With Nicole Roy

In this fun-filled one-hour class, participants will be led through a cardiovascular workout inspired by various dance styles and music from across the globe. Be prepared to sweat!

Sunday November 24th

Calm Before the Storm – Restorative Yoga Workshop

With Shelly Cassivi and Heather Dawson

Take an afternoon to melt away stress and tension. This workshop moves you through deep nurturing and fully supported poses, releasing stress from the body and mind, by doing this you will restore your natural energy.

Wednesday November 27th

Practical Pranayama – Part 2

With Chris Dunphy and Karen Andersen

Explore ancient breathing practices in contemporary terms, and learn a set of breathing exercises to establish a foundation for regular self-guided practice.

Friday November 29th

Movement, Mantra, Meditation

With Karen Andersen and Chris Dunphy

Join Chris and Karen for a guided journey of traditional and contemporary yoga practices to explore the physical, subtle and relational aspects of being. You will be lead through a full-spectrum yoga experience, including a mobilizing series of postures to warm your body and release tension, breathing exercises to concentrate your awareness and open to subtle sensation, a guided meditation to steady your mind, and mantra to share our experience through sound and space.

Saturday November 30th

You’re Invited to Kushala’s Annual Holiday Party

Join us for our annual holiday party, complete with food, drinks and merriment. Friends and family are welcome.

Sunday December 1st

Yoga for the Nervous System

With Alissa Martin

Yoga and Somatics have great tools for regulating the nervous system, so you can bounce back from any stressors and make your way through a hectic time. Come spend an hour learning more about your nervous system and practices to support it so it can support you. 

Saturday December 7th

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Information Session

With Chris Dunphy and Karen Andersen

Learn about the program, meet the faculty, and discover if this path is right for you. Join us for a no-obligation and informative session, and Q&A.

Saturday December 7th

Sound Bath Sanctuary

With Mike Reed

Embark on a journey into sound. Immerse yourself in healing vibrations in a soundscape of gongs, crystal Singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, steel tongue drums, and more, with musician, percussionist and sound healer Mike Reed.

Sunday December 15th

Breathwork and Soundbath

With Amanda Asta and Mike Reed

Join us for an evening of soul nourishing connection and stress relief. In this 3-hour workshop we will be connecting with each other in one-on-one exercises, connecting deeply with ourselves with Breathwork, and laying back to receive a full body healing sound bath.

Sunday January 5th

Clear Vision, Abundant Life

With Shannon Brundrett

Join Shannon for her annual Vision Workshop. Bringing together the elements of movement, focus, clear intention, mantra and connecting to spirit to help move energy and remove blocks and barriers. This will help us tap into the creative process, creating a vision and focus for the year.

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