Cultivate. Radiate. Elevate • Ether Flow Yoga • Element Series

    • Class Type: Dynamic
    • Length: 39 minutes
    • Focus: Strengthening, Mobility, Core Stability, Movement, Advanced Postures
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This is a movement practice that brings a feeling of spaciousness, connecting our inner experience to possibilities. First we stabilize our core and foundation, then we expand and open the boundaries of latency. Finally, we flow towards headstand, bringing mindful focus to the crown of the head as a point of foundation. Whether or not you’ve practiced headstand before, this class with guide you through the fundamentals needed to support yourself when reaching your toes to the sky.

The ether (“akasha”) element is what we know as “space”, limitless, yet holding all forms and experiences. In our bodies, we connect to this element through the crown of the head: the last point of sensation within the body before boundless space. When we connect to the ether element within us, our assumed limits of the body and mind quieten, opening to a playful and elevated experience.

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