Whole Body Yoga Practice #15 • Your Rhythm

    • Class Type: Moderate
    • Length: 45 minutes
    • Focus: Stretching, Strengthening, Mobility, Movement
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One of the most powerful variables in our practice is how long we hold a pose. There is a time during a “hold” when a balance is reached between challenging our endurance while still maintaining a sense of stability. After that point is reached, we release the pose. This practice is guided in a way that lets’ you choose how long you are in a posture, and when you decide to move on. We’ll create cycles of intensity and release, guided by your rhythm.

Note: The point of this practice is to move at your own pace. You’ll notice for Chris and me, it is different. You don’t need to follow either of us (or watch the screen for that matter). Rather listen to the experience of your body, and move with it. 

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