Yoga for the Pelvic Floor

    • Class Type: Gentle
    • Length: 34 minutes
    • Focus: Stretching, Strengthening, Mobility, Core Stability, Relaxation, Injury Recovery, Pain Management, Posture, Educational

In this practice, we bring awareness to the pelvic floor muscles through breath and movement. The pelvic floor supports the pelvis, spine, organs and full breathing. Imbalances can cause trouble in any or all of those. Support your pelvic floor with this gentle practice and take what you learn with you into other practices and exercises.

If you’ve had trouble with your pelvic floor, sacrum or sacroiliac joints, low back or any part of the core, this practice is for you.

Be sure to have a firm block. A bolster may also come in handy. You can sit in a chair at the beginning if that works best for you.

Suitable for beginners, pre and postnatal (check with your health provider if you’re experiencing any complications), and anyone wanting to bring more attention to the core area.

This Video is Part of the Kushala Anywhere Library

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