Movement, Mantra, Meditation

A full-spectrum yoga practice

With Karen Andersen and Chris Dunphy

Join Chris and Karen for a guided journey of traditional and contemporary yoga practices to explore the physical, subtle and relational aspects of being. You will be lead through a full-spectrum yoga experience, including a mobilizing series of postures to warm your body and release tension, breathing exercises to concentrate your awareness and open to subtle sensation, a guided meditation to steady your mind, and mantra to share our experience through sound and space.

Open to all levels of experience, each practice will be taught step-by-step.


Date: Friday November 15th, 2019

Time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm


Use one visit from your membership / yoga pass* or
$20.00 + tax


Chris Dunphy

Chris Dunphy is co-owner of Kushala Yoga, and co-director of their Teacher Training Program

Chris is a yogi, father, husband, student, hockey player, gardener and outdoor enthusiast. Chris spent his younger years either on the ice, the field or on the track. The high point of his athletic career was a gold medal at the Canadian junior championships in the decathlon, a gruelling 10 event discipline that spans over 2 days. After Chris retired from competitive athletics he started work in the finance industry. After 8 years... Read more

Karen Andersen

Karen Andersen is co-owner of Kushala Yoga, and co-director of their Teacher Training Program

Karen is a yogi, teacher, mother, wife, web developer, gardener and culinary aficionado. During her frenetic life as a 20-something-year-old with an Internet start-up, she turned to yoga to help balance her anxious and ruminating mind. It was a rocky start to the relationship, trying hot yoga, acrobatic yoga, gentle hatha, but nothing seemed to compliment her life at the time. She gave it a rest for a while, instead trying Buddhist... Read more

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