Your Body, Your Yoga Workshop with Chris Dunphy

Join Chris as we take an inquisitive look at the body’s unique anatomy. We will demystify some of the anatomical subtleties of the body and empower you with a deeper understanding of not only practical anatomy for yoga, but more importantly how it affects your life’s activities off the mat.

The information provided in this workshop will help you:

  • Gain a basic understanding of your own anatomy. The more we know about our body the more we can work with our body in a healthy way.
  • Go deeper in your practice. By understanding some of the basic principles of movement and stretching we can go much deeper in our yoga practice and overcome certain limitations.
  • Prevent injury. By becoming clear about what our body is designed to do and designed not to do we can prevent injury on and off the yoga mat.
  • Learn to rehabilitate from injury. A deeper awareness of the parts of our body that may already be injured can allow us to move back towards health.
  • Accept certain limitations. This can be a humbling experience and the more we understand about our bodies and how unique we are, the more we are likely to achieve this acceptance.
This is an Advantage Program Workshop: members of this program are eligible to register at no charge, while space remains.


Saturday May 13th, 2017
10:45am – 12pm
$25 + tax (free for Advantage Program Members)
Instructor: Chris Dunphy