Mindfulness Meditation with Karen

Practical techniques to cultivate awareness and connection.

A regular mindfulness meditation practice is transformative: it brings steadiness and clarity of mind, deepening a sense of compassion and connection to oneself, to relationships, and to the world. But the path towards these benefits takes patience, support, effort and commitment, which can be difficult to develop on one’s own. In this 4-week course you will learn and practice the basic techniques and principles of mindfulness meditation, in order to establish a daily personal practice.

Learning Areas

• Learn foundational mindfulness meditation techniques
• Improve your comfort in being still and connected with the body, heart mind
• Understand some of the common difficulties in meditation, and how to work with them
• Discuss the relevance of mindfulness meditation in daily life


This program is developed around practical, traditional Buddhist meditation techniques, applied within the conditions of modern life. Each week we will explore a topic relevant to meditation and life experience. You will be instructed in a specific meditation technique, building on the techniques from previous weeks. We will meditate in class for approximately 20 minutes. Then we will discuss the experience with the opportunity to ask questions and share your experience.

Recommended Experience

Whether you are new to meditation, have experimented with it from time-to-time, or have an established practice, in this course you will find structure for practice, discussion and personal reflection.


Starts Saturday April 22nd, 2017 – Saturday May 13th, 2017
Time: 8am – 9am
Duration: 4 weeks
Cost: $65 + GST

About Karen Andersen, E-RYT

Karen Andersen is co-owner of Kushala Yoga. After ten years of working in software development, Karen found her yoga practice taking an increasingly important role in her life. Karen has now been teaching yoga postures, philosophy and meditation for 7 years. She is an ongoing student of yoga’s effect on habit patterns, perceptions, thoughts, wisdom and consciousness. Being no stranger to life’s joys and pains, she is passionate about sharing the tools of yoga for life’s circumstances off the mat. Karen recently completed Michael Stone’s Mindfulness Facilitation Program and is a registered E-RYT (Experienced Yoga Instructor) with Yoga Alliance.

Progressive Courses

Progressive courses provide you the opportunity to deepen your study and practice in a particular aspect of Yoga over a series of classes. In this way, you have the time to integrate the teachings into your practice and life, and move through the course with a supportive group of students, and skillful teachers.