Unwreck Your Neck

With Heather Dawson

Do you suffer from a stiff neck and upper back? In this workshop, you will learn to care for your neck and upper back by building a repertoire of strengthening and stretching exercises. We will also use massage balls to release deep-held tension. Hold you head up high! Reduce the risk of injury, and improve your range of motion.


Date: Friday March 8th, 2019

Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Cost: $35.00 + tax


Heather Dawson

Heather is a Yoga and Pilates Instructor, a certified Yoga Tune Up Teacher and a Ball Therapy Practitioner. She provides classes that integrate anatomy awareness and myofascial release. Heather can be often spotted carrying a bag of massage balls to class as she thrives to help her students learn to move better and live a healthier, well balance life in their bodies.

Heather knows firsthand the importance of yoga for personal health and wellness. Some years ago she was in a car accident and fractured her spine. Over the years the pain increased and she opted to try yoga for release. It... Read more

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