January 01, 1970

Celebrate You

Treat yourself to an celebration of you through dance, movement, laughter, vegan food and community - an afternoon with the guidance and home-cooked delights of Nicole Roy.
January 01, 1970

Chakra 101 Part Two: The Higher Chakras

In these powerful workshops we will explore the Chakra System and Energy Body. We will delve into life themes of each chakra, and learn various methods to clear and balance them including yoga postures, meditation, visualization, essential oils and more. In Part Two, we will concentrate on the higher chakras - your expression of love, compassion, communication and intuition.
January 01, 1970

Detox: How to Support Your Body’s Detox Pathways

In this workshop we will discuss what detox means, how are body does it naturally, and how we can support its own process to ultimately lower our toxic load.
January 01, 1970

Spring Awakening – A Sound Healing and Guided Meditation Journey

Shelly is a musician, yoga instructor and energy healer. Join her as she weaves her magic using crystal bowls, pyramids, shamanic drum, steel tongue drum, chimes, bells, guitar and the power of her voice to transport you into a peaceful place of deep healing and well being.
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