Sacred Sound and Chakra Balancing

Yoga, Meditation, Toning and Sound Healing

With Shelly Cassivi

Our bodies are our vehicles and just as we would maintain our car it is vitally important to tend to the needs of our bodies on all levels, including energetic.

We often ignore our energy body, but it is a key foundation for health and wellbeing. Energy can become stuck in our bodies and these blockages can manifest as disease. We can become tired, lethargic, negative, restricted and generally unwell.

This practice is a tune up for the energy body. We will work with breath and yoga postures to specifically target the chakras and nadis in order to release stuck, dense energy allowing things to flow.

We will then move deeper working with sound. We will tone each chakra using the specific note and bija mantra (seed sound) associated. You will be lead through a guided chakra balancing meditation and finally rest deeply in the healing landscape of a sound healing journey. Shelly will weave a variety of instruments together with the powerful medicine of her voice. Each participant will receive reiki healing through this musical magic.


Date: Saturday October 5th, 2019

Time: 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Cost: $39.00 + tax


Shelly Cassivi

Ten years ago when Shelly’s maternity leave was coming to an end she made a radical decision. She chose to leave her job as a spa and retail manager with the goal of pursuing a new path, the path of yoga. She tried talking herself out of it on many occasions, but in the end decided to simply return to her mat again and again and see where it lead. She has never looked back.

Shelly trained at one of Vancouver’s oldest and most well respected yoga studios, Semperviva. There she was introduced to a large variety of yoga styles as well as the international yoga communities most prominent... Read more

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