Bistra Stoyanova

Bistra’s first encounter with yoga was more than 15 years ago at the college gym. She immediately discovered the calming benefits for the mind and fell in love with the slow and precise movements and the emphasis on the proper alignment. Her regular visits to the studio and the numerous workshops opened her curiosity to dive deeper into the ancient teachings of yoga. This motivated her to complete her teacher training program in 2013. Bistra continues to learn from on-going training and workshops, from her students and from her daughter, Brooke.

Bistra teaches yoga because it brings happiness and balance to her life and she wants to share this with others. She encourages her students to be present not only on the mat but also in their life journey. This includes having fun, and finding satisfaction and joy in the little things that life offers us daily and not to miss out on the moments in expectation of something bigger and better. If we miss out on the little moments of happiness, we miss out on life itself.

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