Invigorate, Clarify and Energize: An Ayurvedic Spring Practice with Tania Edwards

Are you lethargic, slow and still feeling the heaviness of the winter season? Are you having a hard time getting up in the morning? Are you feeling generally unmotivated or unclear in your direction? The elements of seasonal change deeply affect our minds and bodies.

By learning to understand these changes we can develop a deeper connection to nature allowing us to live in harmony throughout it’s rhythms.

Through the ancient healing systems of Ayurveda and Yoga we will use seasonal asana, pranayama and meditation along with seasonal nutrition and lifestyle recommendations allowing you to energize the body, clarify the mind and invigorate the soul.

Learning Areas

  • Look at our own individual constitutions
  • Discover how Ayurveda and Yoga are one complete system
  • Learn how our minds and bodies change from the winter to spring
  • Look at how nature gives us exactly what we need in terms of nutrition
  • Ayurvedic dinacharya and ritucharya (Daily rituals and seasonal rituals)
  • Practice specific asana, pranayama and meditation for the spring season to keep us energized and clear.

Recommended Experience

This course is suitable for all ages and experience, and anyone interested in learning through Ayurveda and Yoga how to adjust their self-care routine through the seasons to create radiant health and well-being. Anyone wishing to deepen their connection to nature and learn how to flow with it’s rhythms and changes.

Registration Information

Starts: Saturday April 1st, 2017
Time: 10:45am – 12:15pm
Duration: 4 weekly classes, with a 1-week break for Easter (April 15th)
Cost: $79
Instructor: Tania Edwards

About Tania Edwards

Yoga connects the movement of the body to the flow of the breath to the stillness of the mind. You become aware of the subtleties, you become present.

I believe the purpose of our asana practice is to keep the body strong, supple and balanced to allow the free flow of energy to move within and without. By directing our attention inwards we can allow this energy to move through all aspects of our lives. I aim to teach asana through slow flow of vinyasa sequences and traditional hatha yoga while bringing mindfulness, meditation and breath awareness onto the mat. I encourage my students to take the journey to self-healing by tuning into the breath and the healing benefits of nature as a way to find peace and balance within.

I teach Asana (postures), Pranayama (breathing technique), Mantra (chanting) and Meditation through an Ayurvedic perspective taking into consideration the elements of nature and how they affect our lives through various ages, seasons, times of the day, and states of our own individual constitutions.