Immune System Optimization: Strategies for a healthy and safe cold and flu season

With Dr. Kayla Springer, ND

Learn about the function of your amazing immune system, and methods to prevent illness by optimizing its protective qualities. Learn ways to treat yourself naturally if you do get sick with a cold or the flu, with herbal medicine. After an informative lecture, we will blend a tea to take home, and can be used to protect and stimulate the immune system. The herbs and tea are included in the cost of the workshop.

You will learn:

  • The basic function and structure of the immune system and how it works.
  • The basic foundations of health, which indirectly but very strongly support immune system development and function
  • Targeted ways to support the immune system, including foods, herbs, supplements, and practices to support the immune system day to day, aka prevent getting sick
  • What to do when you get sick? How to reduce your symptoms and heal faster.
  • The use of herbs, and specifically those used in our tea. How to blend, prepare, consume tea.


Date: Sunday December 15th, 2019

Time: 12:00pm - 2:00pm

Cost: $45.00 + tax


Dr. Kayla Springer, ND

My journey into medicine started at a young age. I’ve always felt a calling to become a physician, but within the medical system I saw people becoming sicker and sicker, taking pills to mask side effects from other pills, and I knew there had to be another way. For a while I felt lost – wanting to answer to my calling as a healer, but not within the realm of the western medical system. When I was eventually introduced to Naturopathic medicine, I immediately knew I had found my calling. I completed my undergraduate degree in behavioural neuroscience at SFU, and then enrolled in the Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Program at Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine in Vancouver, BC.

My personal and professional philosophy ultimately stems from a value of connection and balance. I believe that the human body and mind function optimally when we cultivate a strong relationship to ourselves, to others, and to our planet. Personally, I find my value when I stand as a positive energy in the lives of others, and my goal as is to create a foundation for healing and growth, foster an environment for personal empowerment,  and support health and wellness in the bodies, minds, and spirits of my patients. Medicine requires authenticity, support, and honesty, and I uphold these in every one of my patient encounters. 

Through my education, training, and experiences, I have developed a unique set of skills to help people achieve more balance, feel more magic in their lives, cultivate more connection, and to feel more comfortable in their own skin. I love all aspects of medicine and have a well rounded foundation in many conditions, but have a special interest in skin conditions, environmental medicine, allergies, immune dysfunction, and detoxification. 

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