Hip Anatomy and Hip Openers

With Chris Dunphy and Karen Andersen

We spend the majority of our days sitting. Over time this postural habit pattern shortens the hip flexors at the front of the hips, does the same to the muscles in the back of the legs and tightens the hip rotators. This combination of short and tight musculature can lead to mild or severe discomfort and often injury. Given the pelvis’ location in the middle of the body, imbalances in this area can radiate pain up our back and/or down our legs.

In this workshop we will explore the anatomy and function of the hip joint and apply it intelligently to our posture practice, specifically to a grouping of poses more commonly known as “hip openers”. We will also offer guidance in modifying and using props where appropriate.

This workshop is suitable for those who have a basic experience with “hip openers” but want to refine their practice.


Date: Saturday March 2nd, 2019

Time: 10:45am - 11:45am


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Chris Dunphy

Chris began yoga many years ago when he started to notice his body wasn't recovering fast enough from some minor injuries, muscle strains, and stiffness he commonly suffered while playing hockey and football. Shortly after joining his first yoga class, Chris was hooked. Not only did his body feel better after the first class, it felt better than it had in years, even though he was an avid weight trainer, hockey and football player in that time.

The opportunity to open Kushala Yoga (originally Newport Yoga) came along in mid-2006 and Chris jumped at the chance. He quit his job after 7... Read more

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