Cacao Sound Immersion

A magical, full sensory immersion

With Angela Prider

Join us in a magical, full sensory immersion to inner peace and attune to a higher vibration.

Cacao (raw chocolate) is a powerful, delicious, gentle facilitator for heart opening and creative expression. Used for thousands of years in ceremony, it is full of antioxidants to promote blood flow and assist in relaxation. This nourishing elixir, known as “food of the gods” paves the way to self-love and inner wisdom.

Our evening will begin with the sharing of ceremonial Cacao to support and nurture our dance journey before entering into a deep, healing Sacred Soundscape of gongs, singing bowls, drums, rattles, and medicine songs.

This unique experience is a beautiful way to attune your vibration to harmony, dive into self-awareness, melt inner polarization, and bring compassion to what needs attention.

$50 + tax by November 1st, $65 + tax after

Dress in comfortable layers and bring:

  • A water bottle (you will need to drink water)
  • Your favourite cup for warm Cacao elixir (1.5cups)
  • Bandanna/eye covering
  • Items of significance to add to our altar (crystals, figurines)


  • Pre-hydrate on the day of the event
  • Avoid food intake for at least 90mins prior to the ceremony

Dance Journey: The dance floor is non-verbal which invites a deeper embodied experience.


Date: Saturday November 13th, 2021

Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Cost: $50.00 + tax


Alongside her yoga practice, Angela has been immersed in traditional Folk Medicine and leading conscious events and transformational ceremonies both in Canada and internationally since 1998. As a trauma-informed Somatic counsellor, and earth-based Folk Medicine teacher, she has been blessed to receive and share the wisdom and practices passed onto her from her Celtic ancestors, sacred plant teachers, and Indigenous Medicine teachers from Ireland, Peru, and North America.

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