Sacred Economics • An Evening with Charles Eisenstein

Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition

Money today is the very antithesis of the sacred. The modern money system has contributed to alienation, competition, and scarcity, destroyed community, and necessitated endless growth. Today, these trends have reached their extreme – but in the wake of their collapse, we may find great opportunity to transition to a more connected, ecological, and sustainable way of being.

Tapping into a rich lineage of conventional and unconventional economic thought, Charles Eisenstein presents a vision that is original yet commonsense, radical yet gentle, and increasingly relevant as the crises of our civilization deepen.

In this talk, Charles Eisenstein will explain the forces driving the collapse of our current system, and lay out a vision of a new kind of money system that will replace it. Explore avant-garde concepts including negative-interest currencies, local currencies, resource-based economics, gift economies, and the restoration of the commons. Explore of way of living in accordance to your ideals in a world seemingly ruled by money. It is a vision already emerging today as institutions and individuals step deeper into transition.

This will be a mind-opening glimpse of solutions and new ideas for the future of money and economics – and how we can contribute to it and be part of the positive change.


Thursday January 12th, 2012
7:30pm – 9pm
Kushala Yoga at Suter Brook

Following the talk, participants may make a donation based on their sense of gratitude, propriety and value.

“I consider Charles Eisenstein one of the up-and-coming great minds of our time. Rarely have I met a person who combines such philosophical and spiritual depth with such practical insights into the cultural and institutional origins of the potential terminal dysfunctions of modern society, and the potential solutions.”
~ David Korten, Author of The Great Turning

about Charles Eisenstein

Charles Eisenstein is a teacher, speaker, and writer focusing on themes of civilization, consciousness, money, and human cultural evolution. Eisenstein graduated from Yale University in 1989 with a degree in Mathematics and Philosophy, and spent the next ten years as a Chinese-English translator. He currently lives in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and serves on the faculty of Goddard College.

Visit Charles Eisenstein‘s website.

Video Featuring Charles Eisenstein “The Revolution is Love”


Interested to read more before the event? Charles’ books are available online and will also be for sale at the event.

Sacred Economics

Sacred Economics book

“This brilliant and beautifully written book is an indispensable must-read for all those who believe our economic system is terminally sick and in need of radical, sacred rehaul. Charles Eisenstein has the great gift of being able to make complex ideas both thrilling and inspiring. I hope this book begins a serious, worldwide conversation on how we can reinvent our attitude to money.”
~ Andrew Harvey, author of The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism

“With his breadth of knowledge, enthusiasm, commitment, diligence, and sensitivity, Charles has become a beacon of hope for others. Your heart and mind will be opened by this treasure of a book that shines with wisdom of crucial importance to our troubled world today.”
~ Kamran Mofid, founder of the Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative

The Ascent of Humanity

Ascent of Humanity

“Brilliant and original, with great depth of insight and understanding, Eisenstein’s Ascent of Humanity easily ranks with the works of such giants of our age as David Bohm, Julian Jaynes, Jean Gebser, Whitehead. It is a profoundly serious, indeed somber portrait of our times, even as it opens a door of honest hope amidst the dark destiny we have woven about us. Accept the challenge of this major accomplishment and discover the light shining within it.”
~ Joseph Chilton Pearce, author of The Crack in the Cosmic Egg, Magical Child, Evolution’s End, and The Biology of Transcendence

“Quite marvelous, a hugely important work… This book is truly needed in this time of deepening crisis.”
~ John Zerzan, author of Future Primitive and Elements of Refusal

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