Posture Play

Expand, Refine and Awaken Your Posture Practice

With Chris Dunphy and Karen Andersen

Join Chris and Karen for two weeks of informative and experiential workshops to take your posture practice to a new depth. In Hatha Yoga, the postures are an expression of mindful movement: a way to build strength, hone mental focus, release constraints in the body, balance the nervous system, and open to a holistic experience of body, mind, heart and spirit. In this series of workshops, we will examine the biomechanics, experiential elements, and philosophical underpinning of asana.

All workshops can be attended using a visit from your yoga pass, or by paying $17.50 each.

Pre-registration is recommended as space in the workshops is limited. Once you’ve registered, a visit from your yoga pass will be deducted. A minimum of 24-hour cancelation is required for a full refund.


Friday March 1st

Skillful Alignment of Standing Postures

With Karen Andersen and Chris Dunphy

The benefits of a regular and mindful posture practice are numerous and widely accepted by both Eastern and Western health sciences. What is often beneficial and safe for one practitioner may not be suitable for another. This course will help you cultivate a standing posture practice that supports your unique physical alignment needs, with confidence.

Saturday March 2nd

Hip Anatomy and Hip Openers

With Chris Dunphy

In this workshop we will explore the anatomy and function of the hip joint and apply it intelligently to our posture practice, specifically to a grouping of poses more commonly known as “hip openers”. We will also offer guidance in modifying and using props where appropriate.

Sunday March 3rd

Hands Down! Arm Balances

With Chris Dunphy and Karen Andersen

Arm balances can be scary postures to think about let alone do. In this workshop we will take the intimidation factor out by exploring the preparatory poses leading to the “final” postures. We will work systematically from the ground up, practicing and discussing the important foundational elements of arm balancing and give you a blueprint for success in poses of this type.

Wednesday March 6th

Movement, Mantra and Meditation

With Karen Andersen

In addition to a warming and mobilizing series of postures, this class will incorporate the diverse and subtle practices of yoga including pranayama, meditation and mantra. Energize your body, develop self-awareness, settle your mind and fill your heart through a blended practice of traditional and contemporary yoga exercises.

Saturday March 9th

Science of Asana: Embodied Awakening

With Karen Andersen and Chris Dunphy

Join us in a informative and practical workshop that examines the question: Why asana? Beyond the obvious benefits of strength and flexibility, what is it about asana that encourages self-transformation? In examining the historical, philosophical, psychological, energetic, traditional and contemporary perspectives on asana, we will awaken our practice in powerful and subtle ways.

Tuesday March 12th

Bottoms Up! Inversions: Shoulderstand and Headstand

With Karen Andersen and Chris Dunphy

Headstand and shoulderstand have amazing benefits when practiced safely and consistently. Learn supported variations in addition to using your props effectively to take pressure off the neck. We will be supporting the physical practice of the postures with anatomical study and prana theory.

Wednesday March 13th

Free Your Fascia

With Chris Dunphy

In this workshop we will explore the relatively new science behind of the role of fascia in our bodies functional (and sometimes dysfunctional) patterns. Deepen your understanding of fascia and apply it for a more refined and beneficial posture practice.

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