Posture Play

Expand, Refine and Awaken Your Posture Practice

With Chris Dunphy and Karen Andersen

Join Chris and Karen for two weeks of informative and experiential workshops to take your posture practice to a new depth. In Hatha Yoga, the postures are an expression of mindful movement: a way to build strength, hone mental focus, release constraints in the body, balance the nervous system, and open to a holistic experience of body, mind, heart and spirit. In this series of workshops, we will examine the biomechanics, experiential elements, and philosophical underpinning of asana.

All workshops can be attended using a visit from your yoga pass, or by paying $17.50 each.

Pre-registration is recommended as space in the workshops is limited. Once you’ve registered, a visit from your yoga pass will be deducted. A minimum of 24-hour cancelation is required for a full refund.


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