Yin Sound Healing Workshop with Leo Cheung and Ali Morrow


Journey through deep, calming, yin yoga postures, featured with live Harmonium music, while receiving hands-off energy healing to clear stagnant energy, release blocks and align your energetic field. » read more

Spring Forward With The Power of Pranayama with Shelly Cassivi


In this workshop we will explore the breath, how it applies to our health and how we can use pranayama breathing exercises as a way to address various life challenges such as chronic stress, low energy, disease, and anxiety. » read more

Yoga for Beginners with Chris


In this course you will learn basic yoga postures and breathing techniques to build confidence and familiarize you with the foundations of yoga. » read more

Hike and Yoga at Buntzen Lake with Shannon Brundrett


Join Shannon on a guided hike and outdoor yoga class at Buntzen Lake. Enjoy the surrounding beauty of nature as we hike around the lake loop, spend time in meditation, and finish with a grounding outdoor yoga class. » read more

Your Body, Your Yoga Workshop with Chris Dunphy


Join Chris as we take an inquisitive look at the body’s unique anatomy. We will demystify some of the anatomical subtleties of the body and empower you with a deeper understanding of not only practical anatomy for yoga, but more importantly how it affects your life’s activities off the mat. » read more

Less is More: Build a More Stable and Strong Asana Practice with Nicole Roy


Take a few steps back from yoga practice and learn to cultivate more strength, confidence, and stability in foundational yoga postures through alignment, awareness and breath. » read more