Learn to Facilitate Circles for Community, Dialogue and Conflict Resolution

You are invited to attend an interactive introductory full-day workshop on Circles with Evelyn Zellerer, PhD. Learn and experience the power of Circles as a holistic process, and how they are applied as a creative tool to promote and support dialogue, healing, conflict resolution, community building and celebration.

Circles are an ancient yet also new approach; simple yet profound. Circles offers a space for introspection and sharing, to give and receive support, and to engage in productive conversations to create positive change. By empowering people to reach across differences, conflict can be transformed and relationships are built.

The focus of the workshop will be on Circle processes and facilitation for dialogue and community building. Like the nature of Circles, this workshop will be structured, yet flexible to meet the needs of the group.

You will learn and apply the fundamentals of Circles process, including:

  • Types & uses of Circles
  • Circle structures & core elements
  • Circle processes & stages
  • Circle facilitation (learn to be a keeper of the Circle)

If you would like to gain an understanding of Circle process and to begin to develop skills for using Circles in your personal or professional life, then this workshop is for you! Come step into another possibility…


Sunday, Feb. 26, 2012
9 am – 5 pm
Facilitator: Evelyn Zellerer, Ph.D.
Cost: $125 + HST

Evelyn is a facilitator and trainer. She has been a peacemaker her whole life. Over the past 15 years, Evelyn has worked with a wide variety of groups in many countries, including arts collective, boards of directors, social housing residents, insurance company, government agencies, and maximum security prison. For more information, visit www.peaceofthecircle.com

For more information about workshop content or to speak with the facilitator, contact Evelyn Zellerer at evelyn@peaceofthecircle.com

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