Anthea attended her first yoga class in 2001 after moving from Toronto to Chicago. Dealing with a multitude of life changes and the stresses of her demanding career in Finance and IT, she sought out yoga as a way to help her relax. She still remembers how light and undeniably changed she felt after her first yoga class. The holistic benefits of yoga were immediately clear and Anthea has been practicing ever since.

As Anthea’s yoga practice deepened, she felt the desire to share with others the peace, flexibility, and balance that yoga brought to her life. A few years after leaving the corporate world to be home with her young children, Anthea pursued her dream of becoming a yoga teacher. Being well aware of the effects of stress on the body, Anthea aims to provide a yoga practice where students can relax and relieve tension while at the same time building their strength and flexibility. Anthea is a very active person and enjoys many other forms of physical activity, especially in nature. She practices yoga daily to keep both her mind and body flexible and strong.  She is happily married and is a dedicated mother to her two young children.

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