Wiser Yoga (for 45+)

Pace: Moderate

Wiser Yoga is a class designed for those over 45 who want to age with strength, flexibility, and grace. Your instructor, Chris Ridout, is a boomer himself who has recognized the changing needs of the body and mind, and created a practice to maintain good health.

This is a Vinyasa Flow-style class based on principles from India. You’re always moving, albeit slowly and in a focused manner. The warm-up period is longer, lots of variations are offered within the poses, and the central asanas change weekly.

Wiser Yoga allows – and works best – for different ages, body types, energy levels, previous injuries and present health conditions. See you in class!

Wiser Yoga (for 45+) Class Schedule

DateTimeInstructor Studio Online
Thursday April 22nd 11:00am - 12:00pm Chris Ridout
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