Self-Guided Meditation

Pace: Meditation

A meditation practice is cultivated with the support of others. Here, we will sit together in silence for 30 minutes. There will be no teaching before nor during the meditation. All are welcome.

Once the session is over, there will be a few minutes of discussion, where you are welcome to ask questions or share your experience.

You are welcome to sit on a cushion or on a chair, or kneel on a meditation bench. All meditation props are provided. You can bring your own cushion if you prefer.

This is a free, informal, drop-in group. If you wish to make a donation, please feel free to contribute as you arrive at the front desk. 100% of donations are given to SHARE Family & Community Services, or another local charity.

(Instructions or guidance are available upon request. Make your interest known before the session starts).

Self-Guided Meditation Class Schedule

Monday November 19th 7:30pm - 8:15pm
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