What Graduating Students have to say about their experience in teacher training

The Kushala Yoga Teacher Training Program far surpassed my expectations. Besides the asana practice and wonderful teaching skills, I also gained knowledge about history, philosophy, anatomy and more. The overall experience was much more than just training to become a yoga teacher. It brought a new perspective to everyday life. It offered me guiding principles that I will no doubt pass onto my children, for I believe, if practiced, hold the key to enhanced communication, better relationships with yourself and others and overall happiness! Thank you to the wonderful team at Kushala for giving me a transforming experience! The support and kindness you showed will never be forgotten.

~ Salina Buchan YTT Grad 2012

I am so thrilled with my decision to take the 200 hr. YTT with Kushala. The facilitators are incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. The content is more than I could have ever imagined and the guest speakers were fabulous. A whole new world has opened up for me. You have made the right choice with Kushala’s Yoga Teacher Training Program.

~ Heather McLennan YTT Grad 2012

Completing the YTT program at Kushala was an amazing experience! The supportive and trusting atmosphere that was provided made coming to this program a pleasure. This past 200 hours really opened my eyes to so many different aspects of yoga that I didn’t even know existed, but came to embrace. Karen, Chris, Alissa, and all the guest instructors and speakers brought their experience and knowledge forth in interesting and creative ways, which made it easy to love to learn. Whether you are eager to teach, or want to deepen your practice and knowledge of yoga, this program will provide the tools necessary to help you achieve what you are looking for. It truly was a life changing journey that is now continuing in my daily life.

~ Paula Kravjanski YTT Grad 2012

I am so glad I decided to take the plunge and take the yoga teacher training. The course taught me that yoga is so many things and it has opened doors for me to share the things I am most passionate about. There was so much more than learning poses and I had no idea of the personal growth I would undergo during the 2 months as well the new friendships. The instructors warm and genuine approach was inspiring. My favourite part was learning I could use my untapped creativity to theme a class with music, an idea and poses.

~ Cathryn Smith, YTT Grad 2012

As an 18-year old, I was slightly hesitant to register for Kushala’s Yoga Teacher Training because I wasn’t sure if I was ready for the program yet, but thanks to the encouragement from my family and the teachers I decided to go for it and I am so grateful that I made that decision! Kushala’s program was truly a life-altering experience that equipped me with the confidence and skills to design and instruct a hatha yoga class. The vast array of subjects (including physiology, history, philosophy, meditation, pranayama, asanas etc.) gave me a broad spectrum and knowledge of all the facets of yoga and inspired me to delve deeper into certain areas of particular interest. It has been a privilege to learn and grow with such encouraging teachers and fellow students and I know I can continue to rely on the connections I made in this program for advice and support for years to come!

~ Joylyn Secunda, YTT Grad 2012

Embarking on a yoga teacher training course, one is sure to self-question – can I keep up with the pace of the course? Will it be a good experience? Will the trainers be right for me? Will the group gel together and will it be a positive, as well as a learning experience.

Having just completed the Kushala Yoga teacher training course I can say that all my questions were more than answered and the experience was not only enhancing and positive but life changing. The instructors were of the highest calibre and the course exceeded all of my expectations. It provided a carefully selected blend of theory, pranayama, anatomy with, of course, a strong focus on practice. The class interacted easily and swiftly like we had been together for years. Friendships blossomed and by the end of the course our practice and understanding of yoga had been greatly enhanced.

The course has provided me with confidence and competence. The content was well thought out and delivered with empathy, precision and skill. The retreat and the studio environment added to the experience and together all the ingredients – instructors, content, delivery and environment – all contributed to the progression I have experienced in my yoga practice over the last four months. Thank you all for the experience!

~ Shannon Green, YTT Grad 2011

I researched many Foundation Yoga Teacher Trainings. Then I met 4 amazing yoga teachers that were to guide me through the process of uncovering the archeaology of yoga. They took our class through the ancients to the moderns, classical Hatha yoga, asanas, mediation…. they taught us more than how to teach; they taught us how to learn, live and how to let yoga into your very breath. It was thought provoking and soul searching as they touched on subjects that are inspiring us to find our own seat in today’s world of yoga. Our guides were knowledgeable, caring, fully engaged, and always ready to give of themselves, to learn, to listen, and to share!

~ Cindy Couturier YTT Grad 2011

Doing the teacher training program at Kushala was the greatest gift I have ever given myself. The teachers knowledge of the history and philosophy of ancient and western yoga combined with their deep knowledge of anatomy, meditation, asanas and pranayama was amazing. The growth I achieved at Kushala was enriching and changed my life forever. The sense of community, the friendships and the continual support I receive from Karen, Alissa, Chris and Andrew and all my fellow trainees is invaluable

~ Heather Dawson YTT Grad 2011

Kushala’s YTT program exceeded my expectations in so many ways. I personally found the program provided remarkable growth physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The teachers were amazing to say the least. They created a space that was filled with patience, encouragement and wisdom that allowed us to find our own path, our own dharma, to deepen our own practice and share with others through teaching. The experience was unforgettable, and we truly built a community, a family, through the program that will be cherished always. I believe Kushala has something extremely special to offer and I am so grateful I’ve had the opportunity to share my YTT journey with them as it was so much more than just learning to teach.

~Moira van den Akker YTT Grad 2011

My love of yoga and the desire to have a rewarding career is what brought me to Kushala Yoga. Beginning something new with a group of total strangers was scary to say the least, however, the first day of the teacher training retreat I knew I was amongst a group of people who would become not only fellow yoga practitioners but new friends. This course brought my practice to a place where I now feel I have a solid foundation ready to learn more, refine , and grow for years to come. The teachers at Kushala are as different as all of the students who come to the school which makes it an amazingly well rounded training. The ongoing support from the instructors is priceless. From day one, as difficult as many days were I grew in ways I had only imagined, I would recommend Kushala 110%.

~Nicole Whitman YTT Grad 2011

Kushala’s YTT is the most enriching course I have ever taken in my life! Chris, Karen, Alissa and Andrew teach from their hearts and have expert knowledge to share. Although challenging, the course is so well paced, and the teachers so supportive in their guidance – that our time together was truly mind, body and soul expanding. Being with wonderful classmates was an added bonus that I will always remember.

~ Leslie McCall YTT Grad 2011

I loved the teacher training program at Kushala. The other students were awesome and I made some great friends. The teacher training took my yoga practice to a whole new level and I now enjoy teaching as much as I enjoy practicing.

~ Christine Brain YTT Grad 2010

Janet Sprague

I thoroughly enjoyed the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program at Kushala Yoga. The instructors were excellent and the guest lecturers added so much knowledge and expertise to the curriculum which made it interesting and fun. After completion of the program and practicum I felt I had the basics to begin teaching classes and start to broaden my own yoga practice. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in either becoming a yoga teacher or who wants to just further their own knowledge and interest in yoga.

~ Janet Sprague YTT Grad 2010