Jen Adi

My journey with yoga began with my travels and living abroad. I instantly found joy in the connection of breath and movement. Yoga became a bigger part of my life after the birth of my three children. It was my “me” time. I loved having the space to move, sweat, breathe and connect inward. As my practice increased so did my passion for having time on my mat. I wanted to develop a stronger body so that I could have stronger postures. This lead me to yoga therapy. I learned that developing strength had a lot less to do with physical strength and more to do with my emotional strength. The power to believe in my self.

As a yoga teacher and yoga therapist, I find inspiration in the beauty of nature and through the courage and strength of others to live their own personal truth. I believe what shows up on the matt shows up in life. I encourage others to dive in, be curious and be present. And for the love of all things yoga, have fun!

Jen's Teaching Schedule

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