November 2, 2015

Yoga Nidra Workshop with Alissa Martin

Join Alissa for a journey through your senses to a deep state of relaxation. As the holiday season approaches, take an hour for yourself to relax, refresh and create an intention
October 26, 2015

Modern Ayurveda Workshop with Ali Kenefick

Learn about yoga's sister-science Ayurveda: armour your immune system, bolster your energy, and find peace amidst the approaching season's frenzy.
October 19, 2015

Ancient Body in a Modern World: How to Heal Chronic Stress with Active Relaxation

We who live in the modern era have the same physiology as our hunter gatherer ancestors. The difference is in the pace of our lives. Learn what contributes towards stress, how it impacts your life, and how to heal from it in this informative and practical workshop.
September 30, 2015

Restorative Yoga Workshop with Shelly and Heather

Spend the afternoon melting away stress and tension in a Restorative Yoga Workshop with Shelly and Heather.
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