Inversion Immersion with Nicole Roy

In this intermediate-level progressive workshop series, we will safely explore taking our asana practice upside-down.

Beginning with strength-building preparatory work, we will delve into 3 different inversions each week; headstand, handstand and forearm stand. Focus will be stressed on safety and stability along with an invitation to play.

Through consistent practice, we will establish acute muscle memory, a greater awareness of our bodies and a deeper understanding of the postures.

  • Develop more strength in your body
  • Improve alignment for a healthier and more stable asana practice
  • Gain confidence
  • Have fun!


Each class we will warm up the body with sun salutations and core exercises. We will discuss and practice stable alignment in foundational poses such as downward-facing dog and plank. We will then workshop headstand, handstand and forearm stand incorporating the same healthy alignment principles. Various entries into the inversions will be explored as well as various expressions of the postures. Each class will conclude with a proper cool-down and savasana.


This progressive is suitable for individuals who have experiences flow yoga, ages 12+.

Registration Info

Starts: Monday Nov 20th
7:45pm – 9pm
Duration: 4 weeks
Cost: $79 + GST

About Nicole Roy

Nicole is a bona fide movement enthusiast! Throughout her life, she has explored a variety of dance styles, played a myriad of sports and experimented with a multitude of ways to move. Nicole is a lively and creative instructor. Her classes are challenging, but her quirky personality, contagious laughter and funky playlists make her classes a lot of fun too. As a teacher, Nicole strives to make a positive difference in people’s lives. She strongly believes in the uplifting powers of yoga and movement. She encourages students to explore their boundless potential and release their inner sunshine.

Progressive Courses

Progressive courses provide you the opportunity to deepen your study and practice in a particular aspect of Yoga over a series of classes. In this way, you have the time to integrate the teachings into your practice and life, and move through the course with a supportive group of students, and skillful teachers.