Yoga Workshops

Workshops give you the opportunity to study, practice and refine a specific aspect of Yoga, with direct instruction from an experienced teacher. Kushala offers regular workshops from visiting and regular instructors on topics including yoga postures, breathing and meditation, lifestyle, ethics and philosophy.

Workshops are an excellent way to compliment and inspire your regular practice, and bring new skills and insights onto your yoga mat, and into your daily life.

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Yin Yoga + Gong Bath with Natalie Ramsay and Chase Trellert


Come experience an evening of healing, beginning with yin yoga in a soundscape of instrumentals, followed by a deep gong bath and sound meditation with Chase, interwoven with Natalie’s angelic vocals.

Registration Details

Saturday Nov 18th, 2017
7pm – 10pm
$45 + tax

About Natalie Ramsay

Natalie Ramsay is a dream folk singer and guitarist. Her songs are alluring and melancholic and speak deeply to those who listen. Her music is described as haunting yet healing and can send students deeper into their yoga practice.

About Chase Trellert

Chase Trellert from Medicine of Sound uses gongs, crystal bowls, the didgeridoo and chimes to guide people through their internal landscapes. Most participants experience profound sensations during his workshops and leave feeling lighter and clearer afterwards.

Yoga Tune Up® Ball Therapy Workshop for Self-Massage with Heather Dawson


Targeted self­-massage trigger point therapy

Using specifically designed high grip rubber balls you will learn specific techniques to penetrate through layers of skin and muscle to massage each major area of the body. Reduce or eliminate pain, prevent injuries and augment your yoga practice!

In this workshop you will:

    • Release deep muscle tension
    • Enhance breathing
    • Reduce stress
    • Increase mobility
    • Learn to give your body the massage it deserves everyday!

This workshop is suitable for all levels of experience.


Sunday November 19th, 2017
1pm – 3:30pm
Kushala Yoga at Suter Brook
Instructor: Heather Dawson
Cost: $49 + tax (including a set of therapy balls)
$35 + tax without balls

Register, not including balls

About Heather Dawson, E-RYT

Heather is a Yoga and Pilates Teacher, a certified Yoga Tune Up Teacher and a Ball Therapy Practitioner.
In 2011, Heather took her Yoga teacher training at Kushala Yoga. Currently, she has over a 1000 hours of teacher training, over 6000 hours of teaching and continues to pursue professional development opportunities, enhancing her skills and expanding her yoga practice.

Mala Making and Meditation Workshop with Carla Swope


Malas aren’t just beautiful, they are used as a tool to help the mind focus on mediation or count mantras in sets of 108 repetitions. In this workshop you will learn to design and string your mala choosing from a variety of natural stones and wood beads, over refreshments and good company. You will then be lead through a meditation incorporating the use of a mala, to learn the more traditional ways to use the mala for practice.

Event Info

Saturday December 2nd, 2017
2:30pm – 5:30pm
Cost: $30 for the workshop, plus $20-$50 for your mala kit*

*You will choose you mala kit during the workshop. Payment for the kit will be made direct to Carla, by cash, credit, debit or PayPal.

About Carla Swope

My passion for creating unique jewelry is something that I’ve had since I was young. I’m constantly inspired by our natural environment, drawing my design ideas from the mountains and valleys where I live in Chilliwack, BC, and beyond. The jewelry I create is constantly evolving: I love to work with unusual colour and shape combinations, and these change with the seasons. I would say that Mother Nature is my muse, with all of my pieces balancing the elegant feminine with earth’s elements.

Impeccable high-quality craftsmanship and a keen eye for detail have helped me to build a successful business over the past 15 years. I’ve participated in many juried art shows, community craft shows, markets and events. Additional experience includes being the owner of Beadifferent bead shop in Hope, BC until 2010, as well as being a certified yoga instructor. I teach jewelry design as an instructor at the University of the Fraser Valley, as well as with local arts councils, community centers and schools. I also became a mom three years ago, and I love the freedom that working on my craft at home affords me. My studio is always a busy place to be.

Reset Your Self Workshop with Alissa Martin


The popular Reset Your Self Retreat, brought to you in shortened form, to fit in the busy holiday season and offer a chance for you to reset.

You will be led through a meditative walk, in Nature, journaling for clarity of intention, Yoga, Yoga Nidra and more mindfulness practices.

Be sure to dress appropriately for weather and/or bring an umbrella.

Please bring your journal or a notebook with you.

  • Connect to Nature as Therapy
  • A Chance to Reset the Nervous System
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Supported Self-Care

Registration Info

Saturday December 9th
12pm – 2:30pm
Cost: $39 + tax until November 25th, 2017, $49 + tax after

About Alissa Martin

Alissa was drawn to teaching Yoga through a fitness background and because she found it to be the treatment that worked best for her body after a car accident. It was also the adaptability of the practice that inspired her. She felt that the postures were open to interpretation, making them even more holistic. Even with alignment principles involved, she sees the beauty in the uniqueness of the individual practice.

In her classes, you will find time to connect with your body and freedom to move and explore to become the expert on you and your own abilities. You will also find instructions that make the practice safe, encourage modifications and allow for the opportunity to practice with eyes closed, if you so choose.

Alissa’s classes always offer a healthy dose of compassion, introspection and nourishing movement. She teaches students how to slow down, notice, and listen – always leaving them with some food for thought to help take their practice off their mats and into the rest of their lives.

The Calm Before the Holidays with Shelly and Heather


A Restorative Yoga Workshop to Unwind and Relax

Take some time for yourself, create peace, centre your body and breath, balance the yin and yang by indulging yourself in this 2.5 hour restorative workshop, where we will guide you through deeply nourishing restorative poses, to soothe your nervous system, release tension and create a natural flow of energy throughout your body. Some postures will be further enhanced with hands on adjustments, gentle massage, and the healing vibrations of a crystal singing bowl. This afternoon of yoga bliss is a great way to give yourself some self-care before the business of the holidays.

Benefits of restorative yoga:

  • deepens breath
  • reduces stress hormones
  • lowers heart rate, blood pressure and cortisol levels
  • relaxes muscles
  • lowers anxiety
  • relieves chronic pain

Sunday December 10th, 2017
12:30pm – 3pm at Suter Brook
Cost: $39 + tax