Introduction to Pranayama – Part 1

With Chris Dunphy and Karen Andersen

Learn foundational yogic breathing exercises and the theory behind them.

This workshop is part one of a two part series. Each part can be taken alone, but work well together.


Date: Saturday November 10th, 2018

Time: 10:45am - 11:45am

Cost: Use one visit from your membership / yoga pass* or $20.00 + tax

Instructor(s): Chris Dunphy and Karen Andersen


Chris Dunphy

Chris began yoga many years ago when he started to notice his body wasn't recovering fast enough from some minor injuries, muscle strains, and stiffness he commonly suffered while playing hockey and football. Shortly after joining his first yoga class, Chris was hooked. Not only did his body feel better after the first class, it felt better than it had in years, even though he was an avid weight trainer, hockey and football player in that time.

The opportunity to open Kushala Yoga (originally Newport Yoga) came along in mid-2006 and Chris jumped at the chance. He quit his job after 7... Read more

Karen Andersen

Karen Andersen is co-owner of Kushala Yoga.

After ten years of working in software development, Karen found her personal yoga practice taking an increasingly important role in her life.

Karen believes that we are all seeking long lasting true happiness; not the kind that comes from external aquisitions, but an equilibrium between our perception of ourselves and our true nature. One day Karen realized that the things that she wanted to share with others were the very conduits to her happiness, and yoga was the primary channel. She decided to pursue her 200-hour teacher training... Read more

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