Wellness Events

Do you feel negatively impacted by stress and anxiety, seasonal mood changes, chronic pain, or are you recovering from a loss? Do you feel emotionally blocked, or hyper-sensitive to the changing environment around you? Are you curious about energy healing and it’s benefits? We offer workshops, wellness fairs and individual appointments through our Wellness Centre at Suter Brook, Port Moody.

Past Events  

Mindful Parenting and Mindfulness Practices for Children Workshop with Maria Fabiano


Although parenting is a rewarding and nourishing experience it can also at times be stressful and emotionally challenging. This workshop will introduce parents to mindfulness based parenting and how to introduce mindfulness into the home. » read more

Core Confidence – How To Optimize Your Pelvic Floor With Movement with Kim Vopni


Join Kim Vopni for a fundraising workshop for Shanti Uganda – learn about your pelvic floor, how it should work, signs that maybe it isn’t doing its job and ways to improve optimize your movement so you can have core confidence. » read more

Live Your Best Health Series! By-Donation Talks with Dr. Estelle D’Souza-Carey, ND


Learn how nutrition, herbal medicine and other alternative therapies can strengthen your body, improve your energy, and help prevent common diseases. Join us for three by-donation talks. » read more

Special on Reflexology and Massage


Experience reflexology, one of the leading alternative therapies for well-being of body and mind and ease of stress, for a special price for the months of February and March. It makes a great gift (gift certificates are available). With Patricia Giraud. » read more

Wellness and the Importance of Digestive Health with Dr. Mirjana Baspaly


Join Dr. Mirjana Baspaly ND for a talk on the importance of digestive health in achieving wellness. » read more

Tranformational Breath® Workshop with Dave Wylie


Come and join us for an workshop of exploration into our cellular and subconscious memories through Transformational Breath. Experience the power of your breath and its physical, mental and emotional benefits. » read more

Sacred Shamanic Heart Healing Circle with Angela Prider


Come and join Angela Prider for an evening of heart healing and guided visualization as you learn to transmute the heavy energies of challenging emotions and restore the flow of your heart’s creativity. » read more

The Yoga of Eating – 2 Workshops with Sean O’Leary


In these 2 workshops, learn to cultivate a diet that sustains and nourishes your body, lifestyle and yoga practice. » read more

4th Annual Wellness Fair


Sample the offerings of our professional holistic practitioners, book a 25-minute by-donation appointment with proceeds to Share Family & Community Services. » read more

Wellness and Healing Clinic at Suter Brook


On Sunday March 4th book a 25 minute appointment with our Wellness practitioners, by donation to Share Family and Community Services. » read more