Chakra 101 Workshops with Shelly Cassivi

In these powerful workshops we will explore the Chakra System and Energy Body. We will delve into life themes of each chakra, and learn various methods to clear and balance them including yoga postures, meditation, visualization, and essential oils and more.

The word ‘chakra’ means wheel or vortex. Chakras are loci of energy exchange in the energy body. When we learn how to tap into this vibrant system, we unleash potent healing power and vital life force energy. This empowers us to live the best life possible!

The Lower Chakras

In the first workshop we will concentrate on the lower chakras: our sense of groundedness and security, creativity and power (+ more).

Sunday January 28th, 2018
12pm – 2:30pm

The Higher Chakras

In the second workshop we will concentrate on the higher chakras – expression of love, compassion, communication, intuition (+ more).

Sunday February 11th, 2018
12pm – 2:30pm

About Shelly Cassivi

Shelly’s teaching brings about a harmonious balance of ease, effort, challenge and relaxation. Shelly takes her time to layer the practice breath upon breath. With 10 years of teaching experience in yoga, 25 years of working with the energy body, a big heart and tons of creativity you will be in good hands! Every day is a celebration and each individual has something unique to be celebrated!